Software Developers in London: How to Choose the Best

Professional software development is a laborious craftsmanship that needs a lot of skills and training. We know everything about applications and smart programs for all business needs and ready to implement our expert knowledge into bespoke digital solution for your business. If you are looking for a reliable developer in London, our sophisticated specialists are ready to drive you through the treacherous path of app development.

Our Duties:

In our London agency software engineers are in charge of the whole development process of the product. They always begin by asking how the client plans to use the app. Their primary goal is to identify the core functionality needed for the product. Application builders also determine user requirements in addition to functionality, such as performance requirements and the level of security. They build a program and then provide instructions to programmers, who write code and test it. If the product does not work correctly or if testers find it difficult to use, the developers return to the design process to improve it and fix the problems. After the product is released to the client, our developers will be happy to perform upgrades and maintenance.
  • IT Consultancy
  • Visual Image
  • Build and Test
  • Documentation
  • Collaborative Work

Analyse the needs of users and then design, develop and test software to meet their needs;

Recommend the upgrades for existing applications;

Design each detail of the program or system and plan how all the parts should work together;

Create a variety of models and diagrams (such as flowcharts) that instruct programmers how to write code;

Ensure that an app continues to operate as it should through application maintenance and testing;

Document every aspect of the workflow as a reference for further upgrades and maintenance;

Cooperate with other IT specialists to develop optimum software.

If You Need a Professional App Developer

If you need application programmers who actually understand the IT world and digital market, choose our London team. We are expert professionals with a solid background. Each staff member of our company has been thoughtfully selected from thousands of candidates to cater for our high standards of proficiency.
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Business expertise

Our clients are people of business. They are managers, or entrepreneurs starting new ventures. Their activities require custom software that will fit the growing needs and meet the primary enterprise goals. Over the years we have been in business, we have investigated each project step by step, examining all kinds of the workflow and creating the best solutions for every single case. As a result, we are business savvy and always ready to enlarge our competencies.

Management skills

The most of our London managers are ex-developers, who perfectly understand the subject. They also have strong communication skills and sense of business. This rare combination is at the heart of our development process: it allows our specialists to ask the right questions early in the design process, which makes the solutions we offer more accurate to satisfy the needs of the clients fully.

As the management team is highly technical, the whole our company is stronger: it is much easier to inspire talented developers to join our London headquarters, and we are far more aware of the key trends in the industry so we can better advise our clients.

Profound Technical Experience

Our London-based development agency has been creating custom apps since 2010. We have delivered more than 100 solutions, using many hundreds of various technologies. Our experience is profound: with 150+ team members, we have a lot of experts to rely on. Whether a client needs a full package of services, or we need to support e-commerce, optimise the workflow or build an integrated enterprise system, it is likely that we already know how to build a custom solution for these specific needs.

Deep Expertise

Modern development tools have considerably simplified the process of application development – and new tools appear every year. But we notice a slight disadvantage: programmers have become insulated from the details of how the programs really work. Most of the time, this does not mean too much – but occasionally grave technical problems appear that cannot be fixed without digging deep into the system. In these situations, our depth of expertise seems invaluable.We are always happy to offer advice on a confidential business problem, and welcome a challenge.

Straightforward IPR Policy

Our London agency has an extremely transparent policy on copyrights and patents: all Intellectual Property Rights are assigned to the client after the final payment. With us, you can be absolutely sure, that the product we develop for you is protected by low.

How to Become a Software Developer

As technology evolves and turns into a greater part of everyday life, so there is a high need for technology professionals. Program engineers design and guide the development of applications that computer systems use to make life a bit easier. Although self-taught programming competencies can land you a good occupation, formal training is the excellent way to obtain a job with greater design duties and better pay.

Entering app development as the first profession

Earn a degree in software engineering or an associated area
Most software engineer positions require a bachelor's degree. Majoring in app development will offer the maximum useful background for designing apps in the world-famous companies. Computer science is another excellent choice, although its greater theoretical method is proper for future graduate college students and R&D work. It is also possible to get hired with an associate's degree or maybe with nothing but self-taught experience. But these possibilities are typically low-level programming jobs, even if the corporation bills it as "software engineer."
Begin programming right now
You could always deliver yourself a large head start by teaching yourself programming. App development is not centred exclusively on coding; you should master at the least a pair of coding languages and a deeper knowledge of how they function. There is no widespread opinion about what languages are the most beneficial, but these are all popular picks:
  • C#
  • C++
  • Javascript
  • Python
Build software
The best way to improve your talents is to use them. Whether personal or professional projects, designing and coding software will educate you a tremendous deal. For many employers, hands-on achievements matter more than theoretical expertise.

Try to find an internship

Many students work as interns while they study. This could be an outstanding way to get a hands-on education and network with potential employers. Search for internship possibilities through job posting websites and networking.
Find job opportunities

Software engineering is a rapidly growing sphere. You have an awesome chance of the immediate employment, although you could start as a programmer and work the way up to app development. Start looking for a job earlier than a degree is up.

Available Options
  • Schools regularly help their alumni achieve a position. Communicate with your professors, branch staff, and the profession services office for activity opportunities.
  • A large percent of jobs happen via networking. Use personal contacts, and meet people through career meetups and conferences.
  • Check job search websites. Create a resume and post it to specialised sites and use them for job applications.
Consider career goals

The IT industry is continually changing. Keep up by enhancing your information and sensible talents, and you may have many possibilities to shape the route of the profession. Here are a few methods to improve the task prospects:

  • Think of a Master's degree if you have far-reaching plans in the field. While not an obligatory requirement for most positions, a degree significantly improves chances to work for a leader in the industry, or in a management position.
  • Certification can be useful in some regions but may decrease desirability in others. Talk to other developers in your area before to enrol in one of this programs.

Switching to a Software Developer Profession

Define the activity prospects

The software development field has terrific activity boom. IT engineering is a specially desired position compared to basic programming.

Study programming right now

Practical coding and design should be the first priorities of the professional London developer. There are a variety of ways to gain this experience:

  • Learn to program through friends willing to teach you or online tutorials.
  • Master a massive open online course (MOOC).
  • If you have some experience, cooperate with other developers on GitHub.
  • A coding boot camp is the fastest way to learn, if you are willing to invest money and free time.
Draw on the experience

A software programming may be a specialised subject; however, your preceding career does not need to involve computer systems to offer an edge. Software development can depend heavily on analytic abilities, problem-solving, and teamwork. Additionally, being familiar with industry may additionally help design programs for that industry.

Even side interests and hobbies can open up opportunities, or at least add the passion for working. Business software, game apps, digital music suites are all examples

Enrol in a degree program

It is high possible to land a programming occupation after a couple of years of side experience, or just a few months with enough dedication. However, a "proper" development job, where you are responsible for the whole creation of the software rather than just coding it, usually requires a Bachelor's. If you already have any degree, together with some coding skills, consider starting straight from a master's degree in software engineering.

How We select Our Team

Our London-based company houses the most talented developers on the global market. Some of them are already world-known by their works. We employ only the best by carefully evaluating the capabilities and professional skills. Diplomas and certifications are definitely matter, but one of the main criteria our workers should correspond is the wide practical experience and successful test results. If the candidate can prove the proficiency, then we consider hiring him. Every our London developer undergoes further training under the guidance of the in-house specialists, till he or she is capable of working autonomously and provide flawless results. The training phase will take some time and resources, because we need to ensure that all our employees understand the ins and outs of the IT industry because the work quality and client’s satisfaction are the main things we care about.

Let’s Talk

Our London team is always standing by for your calls. Contact us to discuss the ideas or get a free consultation about the future project. Never pull off till tomorrow, the successful solution is waiting for you.