Learn How to Make An App

Apps are the latest rage today and everyone wants to get into the business, but few people know how to make an app. Making an app sounds really complicated, but it can be simple if you know how to make an app. Learning how to make an app does not require a technical background, but it would be helpful. Although there are lots of books about how to make an app in terms of the technical aspects, this is a rough guide about how to make an app in general. Here is how to make an app.
Create an idea for an app and think about how to make an app
The first thing you must do is come up with a good idea for an app and consider how to make an app. It can be something that is an improvement upon another app that is already on the market or it could be a completely original idea of how to make an app. Either way, you must have a complete concept of what the app should do and have some idea of it might work in order to start working on how to make an app. Nothing has to be set in stone at this point, but there must be something solid and concrete in order to begin the process of how to make an app.
Learn how to make an app – Research the market and review similar apps
Before you decide to move forward in the process, think about how to make an app, consider the current market conditions and check out other similar apps to see how to make an app. Look at competitors and notice their approach on how to make an app. There are over 200,000 different apps available in the Apple store and new apps are being added each and every day. The market is extremely competitive and most apps are really not that successful, so take that into to consideration before thinking about how to make an app. Think about what type of people will be most likely to use and purchase this type of app and consider what their needs are. It is not necessary to complete full blown market research, but just have an idea about how the app will be marketed and see if it is a profitable niche market. Moreover, buy and use the top 10 apps in your category or at least try some other apps that are similar to your idea and see how to make an app. Try to emulate some of the successful apps in order to have the best chance to succeed and figure out how to make your app better than the rest.
Create a rough sketch of how to make the app and how it will work
Now is time to consider to how to make an app, so make a rough sketch of how the app will look and work. Try to do this before starting on the programming aspects because there must be an outline in place in order to finish the app in a timely fashion. Start to do some rough sketches by hand on some drawing paper and write down some general rules and describe how you would like the app to work. This step is essential for people that plan on hiring a outside developer to write the code and program the app because they must have a clear idea of how the app should work.
Gather materials to make the app
Making an app does require certain materials even if you plan on outsourcing the process of how to make an app. It is essential to own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch in order to even have a full grasp of what an app should be. You should be familiar with Apple products and have a general knowledge of how to use a Mac and how to make an app. If you want to figure out how to make on app yourself, then you must have a Mac computer with at least OS X 10. 5. 5. Get iTunes and buy a few different apps to get a feel for how to make an app. Also, be sure to join the iPhone Developer Program from Apple. It may necessary to buy some programming books to learn how to make an app.
Hire a developer or do it yourself
The actual development of the app can be frustrating and time consuming for virtually anyone, even if they have a strong technical background. The development process can take anywhere from 2 weeks for an extremely motivated person to almost a year for people who really want to take their time with the process. You have the option of hiring a programmer to do this or you can try to do this yourself if you already know how to make an app. Although it is cheaper to do it yourself and figure out how to make an app, it is generally not a good idea if you do not have a technical background or have some type programming skills. App development is complicated and you cannot figure out how to make an app by reading a book or taking a class because you must have knowledge of multiple programming languages such as Objective C, Xcode, Cocos 2d, and Adobe Flash. Outsourcing the process can be expensive as it can cost thousands of dollars, which also depends on the programmer, their level of experience, as well as the complexity of the project. Be careful about who you select for the project because you must know that they are trust worthy and reliable, so never select someone because they offer the lowest price. Also, make sure that you can communicate with them and realize that they must share your vision about how to make an app.
Begin testing the app
Once the app has been completed, begin to test the app and get some feedback from other people about how it works and feels. Never attempt to put an untested app on the market because there will inevitably be bugs, glitches, and problems with the first version. This is also the last chance to make any changes to the app, especially if you want to add some new features. Do some testing and make sure that everything works properly before submitting the app.
Submit the app to the Apple store
Set a price for the app and then submit to the Apple store for final approval. You should have the developer submit the app on your behalf because it is actually quite complicated unless you have a knowledge of Xcode. Getting the app accepted is usually is not a problem for most people since they generally accept everything that fits within their guidelines. However, if there is a problem with the app, they will tell you exactly what needs to be changed.
Create a marketing plan to promote and distribute the app
The marketing and distribution strategy will actually determine the success of the app. Since you know how to make an app, create a marketing plan to promote the app and increase sales. This process is almost as important as the development of the app because you must find a way to make people aware your app in the midst of hundreds and thousands of other apps. The marketing strategy can be outsourced to a marketing firm, but you can also do it yourself with some effort and determination even if you do not know how to make an app. Marketing an app will require some Internet marketing, social media networking, and possibly search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to promote the website for the app.
Create updates and new versions of the app
If the app is successful, then there may be new updates and versions of the app. Since you already know how to make an app, everything should be much easier next time around. Now that you know how to make an app, you can go ahead and get started.