How to Transfer an Idea to an iPhone Developer and Make It Work

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Such strike numbers could inspire even the least technically grounded business owner to spring on the winning side of an iPhone app choice. Our developers take your vision, integrate it with their knowledge of the Apple platform and invent the program which will create enforcing and interactive experience for your clients. We have strong knowledge in business software creation and thorough understanding of recent trends in the digital market. During the years we have elaborated perfect strategies of communication, programming and quality assurance which guarantee the first-class result of our work. We have a broad experience in development of successful products for large and small businesses worldwide, and we are ready to provide you with the top-quality solution which perfectly fits your commercial tasks.
  • Have an idea?
  • Impossible is nothing.. Or not?
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  • What about web apps?
  • It is alive! And one of a kind
Before you contact the developer, make sure that the idea has not been realised before. If it has, then it would be better to think of something else or find a unique selling proposal in the app which will force it to stand from the crowd. Thus, the concept has not been invented yet? The following question should be "why this product has not been put in life?". There are three responses to this question: -it is impossible, - it is not the good idea, - or it is unique.
When we say "impossible", we mean that you have invented something that the iPhone SDK won't allow (it can still be a good concept). For example, you can have an idea to load sound clips from the Internet and to save them in iPod library. The good intention in theory, but iPod library only has a read access. Thus, you are restricted to what you can make. There are several rules in the iPhone SDK which restrict what can be made so be prepared that the idea can not be possible in those boundaries - there can be, however, workarounds ( in an example above it is possible create the custom app to play downloaded sound clips).
The most widespread bad ideas tend to duplicate the functionality of the existing website in iPhone app. You could have the killer project of the site and to be the leader of the market in a certain arena. It does not mean that its conversion directly to iPhone will be a good idea. If the concept already works on the website, then it is already available for iPhone. Thus, there are not enough advantages to make a custom software apart even if it will look slightly better.
It can happen that there is a huge number of potential iPhone users who are put off by the site operation on the device. In this case, you should consider the web app creation, using standard HTML and CSS, to make the site resemble iPhone app and it is not so difficult for iPhone developer to do it, using something like UiUiKit.
You have checked App Store and had not found a single trace of the idea. You are sure that it is possible to make it alive with features of the device, and it is not a simple port of the existing website in the app. When this occurs, the product is probably a unique case and should definitely be pursued!

Know the audience

When you think of software development something like "we should create an iPhone app for this purpose", it is better to ask yourself - "why". There is an unhealthy obsession with software development only to show that the company is modern. However, such people can easily spend the big sum of money creating something for a small bit of street cred only to learn that any of the target audience actually does not use iPhone (or would not use the app anyway). If the project just duplicates the functionality of the site, then it would have no sense making it an iPhone app (or even a web app) unless more than 20% of the visitors use iPhone, or you had many people, asking about the separate program. If you are sure that the majority of the target audience are iPhone users and they need mobile access to the services, products or tools you provide - it is a go.
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Understanding development costs

It is not an easy thing to build an iPhone app, and it is often worth paying for expert knowledge of a developer whom you authorise to create the product. If you believe that the app functionality is unique, and going to get big profit on it, then it is worth paying a development company like ours to get the perfect realisation of a hi-tech solution in the shortest terms.

It is important to note that it is impossible to give exact cost estimation for the project before you explain the project in details. Assessment is usually based on:

The amount of the forthcoming work and complexity of the project - if you want a simple utility, then it will cost much less, than a complex 3D game.

The stage of development - our developers can take the case, do the research, build the product from scratch, provide quality assurance tests, help to release and guarantee post-launch support and this will be one cost. Or you can ask us for optimisation of the existing product - and this will be much cheaper.

The number of specialists engaged - any stage of work should be performed by professionals to make everything work as it should. The more stages - the more efforts and team members will be needed.

Additional payments - take into account that the developer may need to create the server software (for using push notifications for example) and thus, it should be included in the financial calculations.

Note: Apple takes about 30% of the sale of each download to cover expenses on App Store. When you conduct negotiations with the developer, ask for explanations whether they speak about the percent from the point of view of selling price (before Apple takes its 30%), or profit (after Apple has taken its cut).

Building an app on your own
Apple provides all tools using which you can create an iPhone program, via its developer website although it is impossible to manage without using Mac with Intel processor. Building an iPhone program on Windows is impossible. With the free SDK provided by Apple, you can use all iPhone functions and check them in the iPhone Simulator.
Registration as official developer
You can’t execute, however, a code of the own device or provide it to the App Store. If you plan to release your masterpiece at any point, it is essential to register in the iPhone Developer Program. Standard cost makes $99, and it includes a consent to terms and conditions of Apple, both signing and return of the contract. Even if you are not close to project completion, you should be registered to check the code of the actual iPhone, but not the screen emulator. As soon as you have a license, it will be possible to make the providing profiles which will allow it to work on your own device or 100 other (for example, friends, colleagues, testers).
Tools and programming languages
All iPhone programs are written in Objective-C. Thus, we would strongly recommend buying the book in a subject. If you come from the web environment (for example, a PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, .net), then we would also recommend starting by learning C before moving to Objective-C. You can be torn to jump into SDK and to begin using things like location services and accelerometer, but if you don't know how the set or the dictionary work, then you will never be able to create the program which works well.

Getting Software into the App Store

The unique things needed are the finished program code (which should be checked extensively both in the simulator and on the real devices), and the license of a developer. As soon as you have them, it is time to make the correct certificates to publish the product to the App Store. You will be asked to deliver not only texts such as descriptions, title, and keywords but also both screenshots and also a 512x512px image of the application icon for use in promo materials of Apple, so make sure that you have them available.

The actual process for submission was an object of significant criticism, but generally, developers represent the software and then wait for some time (usually about 14 days - Apple has placed the queue length indicator on the portal of iTunes submission now) to learn whether the product was rejected or accepted. If it was rejected then, they should supply you with information about what is wrong and how to fix it. If it was accepted, then congratulations, the app is ready for a prime time!

Note: The general question, apparently, is " Whether I can launch my program with your developer license". If we assume that we have provided the development services and created the iPhone application in compliance with our high-quality standards, then yes we could deliver it to the app store, using the license salvaging you $99. It would mean that we take all the responsibilities for its quality, but you will get the product under your brand name and will have all property rights.

Copyright and other legalities

When Apple registers the product, it is the procedure of approval; it does not take an author's right or any other legality of that type into account. It means that technically it is possible to steal the idea, such as "Super Mario Bros.", create the double program, and then provide it. However, the developers are still responsible for copyright violations and could be so sued by the correct copyright holders and have to pay damages. The basic rule of a thumb is do not use copyright images, text or music, and do not imitate other people’s ideas or intellectual property. If you work with our developers, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the data and author’s rights.

iOS Game Development

Work does not come to an end as soon as we have made it onto App Store. Some errors and design issues can appear only when hundreds of users download the program and start to use it. Therefore, it can be necessary to provide several changes.

Do not expect the direct response to release – App Store is the public market, possessing about 20,000 applications and 2,000 games. It is important to create noise around a product: attract development and playing communities, start the blog about programming process, make screenshots and mail press releases to the iPhone news websites as the Touch Gallery, Pocket Player, and FingerGaming. And, of course, use the websites of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Connecting a developer

If after reading all those mentioned above you are happy with the idea and want to receive the iPhone developer onboard, you may contact us with the following data:
  • A detailed explanation of the idea - our developers are always ready to new challenges, and it will be a real pleasure for us if you share the idea and ask us for any help. Our experts will provide an estimation of the project to define the budget, terms and development strategy.
  • Services you are looking for - try to explain to the developer in details your goals, expectations and functionality of your future iPhone app. This will help to realise the project according to your wishes.
We are here to help you with the implementation of your business idea through the reliable and functional bespoke software with the convenient user interface and user-friendly navigation. Let our professional iPhone developer's team help your business growth.