Top Apple App Developers for Sustainable Cooperation

Get the strategic solution for users of mobile devices from Apple. Our tailor-made app software, exclusively designed in compliance with your the most demanding requirements, will become the best tool for business management and growth.

How to Choose the Right Developer

Reach one of the most lucrative online stores with our Apple developers and rely on the full-scale support of the professionals. All types of unfortunate projects we get to upgrade have seen the wrong person or team at their initial stage. The decision to work with a freelancer, an offshore developer, a small studio or agency providing a full range of services always depends on such factors as preferences, the budget and your own skills, but it is always crucial to pay particular attention to the interview with your potential contractor.
  • Interview
  • Amazing portfolio
  • Expert skills
  • Work well with the app developer
  • Assessment of the app and conditions
Don't hurry with the research and hold a thorough conversation with the contractors before to solve whether to work with them of not. Look for developers with proofs of success and various set of skills needed to cover all the aspects of program creation. But don't forget to go with your gut and personal preference, choosing the contractor. This app developer should not only be suitable business option, also your reliable partner.
The most important element in the choice of the Apple app developers is their portfolio. Find the those who make an impression on you by the quality of their products. Load them, use them for a period of time and ask that they stepped you through the projects they created. We have a page on our website devoted to our work. In the same way, availability of history to be shown in Apple store or other awards in the industry will provide an independent check of admissibility of the developer work. Tests in the particular industry, or with a comparable set of functions are, apparently, positive, but not necessarily required. Any developer whom you consider should have a direct experience in Apple software creation. Some larger companies can offer the full range of services out of just app programming. While there are some crossed skills which can be profitable, the creation of Apple products has a unique set of problems and requires highly specialised skills. The iOS apps require the developer with Objective-C, Swift and XCode expertise. You also need the certain experience when a case reaches the user experience, and visual designing as Apple brand has the particular standards and requirements.
It is important to understand that when we suggest looking for the developer who specialises in all aspects of Apple development, we mean all aspects of software creation. It includes comprehensive expert knowledge in coding, design, product management, marketing, and more. Those who can help to think of the product as of business, and not only application, are much more valuable, than those who just code. Technical skills are not enough when it comes to the creation of the high-quality product. The development lifecycle should include, as an example, business strategy, management of marketing funds from investors and copywriting. Most of the teams require at least one project manager, developer and designer. The development can be good only this way. If the potential Apple developers have a proven record of services and a vast portfolio, they probably have a hard process. However, you should not hurry to understand the workflow and the role you definitely will fulfil. These elements of the process should address each field of knowledge and give an understanding of how the initial idea will turn into the end product.
It is important to make sure that you and your developer will be able to work well together. In our process of hiring, we spend much time, making sure that each member of the team is not only a qualified asset to our collective expert knowledge but also a hardworking, cheerful team player who answers values and the purpose of our agency. During the verification process estimate how you feel, speaking with the potential Apple developers. Look whether they hurry to explain things and show the enthusiasm concerning your ideas. They should always listen at first, but also it is important that they provided frank, direct, and detailed feedback. Regular communication is also important. Your potential service provider should be ready to provide, at least, the weekly report of the status. When working on any new app in our company, we have daily common ground with the client.This approach allows to reach many initial questions answered more quickly.
The price of the app development depends on complexity, a set of functions to be implemented, and also resources available. We always explain the details of the expected budget, required to create the product and the factors affecting the costs. Don't set expectations on contractors who manage a timeline and cost below the average. You will probably find that with not expensive options, especially in a case of contact with offshore development, you will not receive what you have expected. And it becomes apparent that the headache of working with less expert or unsociable staff does not cost a discount. The agreement which you sign should have at least conditions ranging from IP ownership to payments structure, and handling of confidential information. At the same time, twenty pages of a legal slang is an excess that should also put you on the alert when making a decision whether to work with the contractor of not. There should be a careful balance of protection, still allowing the document to be readable without interpretation from the lawyer.

The Team of Apple App Developers for Long-Term Cooperation

Creation of the successful product requires expert knowledge in the range of skills. For our six years of business, we have constructed the team of a world class which generally consists of strategists, designers and developers. And now we are ready to provide you with the top team of Apple specialists aiming at long term cooperation.
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Services we provide

As the famous experts in the IT industry, we are always ready to deliver the most technically advanced solutions available and to apply modern, effective approaches to our development. We offer professional IT services to the companies working in the most various areas where we have already achieved impressive results. Our app programming agency takes place among the leading software developers in Great Britain. Undoubtedly we direct to perfection and plan our development strategies according to the client’s budget, requirements and purposes. We have a serious background in the following areas:

  • Custom enterprise software which helps to optimise transaction flow and reduce expenses
  • Integrated automation software
  • Tools of social environment for the companies which want to contact their clients and establish strong presence through social communication
  • Saving time and resources when creating quality products
  • Navigation programs
  • Maps and traffic apps
  • Multipurpose mobile traveller tools helping to optimise routes
  • Mobile apps for capital citizens who want to research their cities
  • Various cooking and delivery programs which always provide users with the best recipes and food
Apple software development

Our in-house IT professionals work with you to plan and program Apple apps able to provide a positive impact on your business and market. The project team of our company uses the latest technologies to develop functionality which meets the business requirements. We offer all-round development for the large enterprises and startups to effectively increase productivity and income.

Delivering the most profitable Apple apps, with stable architecture and design, we launch the high-quality software that matches Apple standards and the business needs.

Tools and Technology Used
  • Xcode
  • iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch
  • Objective-C
  • Titanium
  • Phone Gap
  • Corona Unity 3D
  • Sencha and more
Line items of the team, description and operating modes

Project manager. The project manager is the head of a group who manages vision of the product in reality. He or she knows each inch of product strategy and works to prevent lack of communication and checkpoints. This team member is expert in a set of disciplines and can help with questions of different areas including user experience, long-term planning, customer service and even marketing.

Developer. The developer is responsible for the technical architecture of the program. He or she writes code of the app and integrates it with any external data sources. While all team members are severe, the developer often brings the most part of work, especially in later phases

Designer. The designer, first of all, is responsible for the handling of the user interface. He or she should also be able to help with the branding of the app and the company in general. Out of the application, you will need a logo, the website and other marketing property pledge that will be developed by the designer.

Regularly re-evaluation of estimates

Usually, we ask our Apple app developers to:

  • Guarantee that all tasks in their queue have an assessment.
  • Carefully consider the accuracy of estimates and adapt them respectively.
  • See future tasks and also look whether they should be adapted.

Our approach guarantees that we never build decision making from obsolete data. If we notice that release decreases, we can re-arrange on priorities of a task. This also gives the chance to understand what we will continue to work at and stick to the exact plan and schedule.

Agree to minimum weekly builds

Hold to the regular schedule is imperative for a timely release. In earlier phases of development, we begin with the weekly builds and regularly pass the projects to the QA testers. As it becomes closer to the date of release, we, as a rule, move in 2-3 builds in a week and eventually can even make daily.

Actual presence of the people waiting for a build is equally important to achieve the consent, weekly builds. Knowledge that people will check and use the application provides motivation

Innovative design and post-launch support

Our Apple creators are excel in each aspect of software design. We have the staff, equipment, knowledge and experience to deliver the innovative, top-notch software with the fantastic design and functionality. Years of work help us to receive a deep understanding of the market of Apple products and its influence on the companies, both large and small.

We have a sound experience in many mobile solutions: mobile and friendly websites, coupons, services on the basis of location determination, etc.

We will enrich your project with all latest technologies as QR codes, Geotagging, NFC, GPRS, VR, mobile payments and many other features.

Development of Apple apps with our Company
If you hire our software development company, you obtain guarantees and support for the full lifecycle of the software. We create business apps for the companies to increase their performance and to satisfy their requirements. Our team consists of outstanding creative designers and programmers who are keen on their work and consider the success of the clients as their own. We create highly functional and high-quality products according to recent trends of the Apple market. As top experts in software development, we have already had a lot of clients from various areas and we are ready to new challenges. We aim to create not only useful tools but also the professional systems which can guarantee prosperity and growth. Our firm takes all cares and gives what you want and need. We will be happy to provide you useful information and calculation of your custom app programming cost assessment. Contact us and get free advice right now.