Services We Provide

Our UK company creates web and mobile native and cross-platform apps using open technologies. Among the sevice pack are software integration, corporate content management, business analytics, management of identity, project audit and program testing and much more. For these years we have developed solutions for a significant number of clients ranging from non-profit organisations to the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Mobile development
  • ECM development
  • Business intelligence
  • Business process management
  • Testing
We build website and applications, using the best open technologies among analogues. Aimed to salvage money and time, our team of devoted experts are ready to deal with your problems online anytime! Integration help. Our app development company provides a complete set of cloud, systems and application integration services. Whether proprietary, legacy, custom built, or open source the integrators can get the technologies working together.
We provide the best enterprise content management solutions. Our consultants of ECM can help to conduct your organisation to guarantee that it reaches the majority of your ECM platform.
We build the products in working partnership with clients to estimate their purposes and problems and provide expert services of business intelligence(BI) of the highest level. We help the companies to optimise the opportunities and to strengthen data to make more informed choices.
Our UK team offers the full set of business processes management services. The company’s BPM consultants can help enterprise level entities better align the business processes with commercial tasks. Identity management. Take advantages of the identity management services and the solutions strengthening the proved open technological platforms.
Our UK company provides executive services of testing. The developers and experts can help with all setup and the checking procedures. Post-launch support. We never leave the projects and always ready to make improvements, add features or implement changings in compliance with the constantly changing digital market.

Mobile Development

As the leading app development company in the UK, we have an extensive experience in the creation of high performance, native smartphone applications packed by feature for all largest platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Besides, as qualified experts in mobile development, our in-house developers can also create cross-platform programs that will properly work on any device. Choosing us among other UK companies, you can be sure that your final product will be safe, scale and stable in any environment.
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The team of UK developers

Our app builders are professionally trained with profound expert knowledge through all main structures of mobile software development. All the staff of the company in the UK is tuned in and continuously updated on the latest technologies to guarantee that everything we elaborate for the project is created using the best available structures and toolkits on the market. Our UK developers are here to help your idea to become a reality.

Working methods

Using the proven Waterfall approach or Agile methodology of development to deliver, the experienced developers of our UK company can create the right solutions that will meet the requirements of the users, business, and industry you work in.

We offer the proven, very flexible model of liability which begins with a comprehensive assessment of your business and IT sights to guarantee that the program is profitable, satisfying the purposes and deadlines.

Advanced opportunities

Modern smartphones offer extensive features with PC/desktop-like functionality. Application development enhances mobile opportunities such as e-mail, e-book readers, GPS, improved video and cameras, and so on. Working for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile operating systems these devices provide the standard interface to users and a million of opportunities to programmers for development of highly efficient and productive software. While demand for mobile gadgets grows, and their functionality becomes more advanced, the possibilities for app development will only continue to extend therefore to exploit their powerful handling, developing memory, multifunctional interfaces and open operating systems.

Process of smartphone app development

Our UK designers and analytics will work with you to take the idea and to design preliminary features of the app, to analyse marketing and business needs and problems and to determine the project budget. As soon as the concept was complete, we can begin to include the architecture of design and to develop the program, having united all features, options and functionality as it is determined at the earlier meetings. Before delivering the end product, the app will pass the strict performance-critical test. All process of app development in our company is observed by the devoted project manager who guarantees complete transparency and allows the solution to be delivered in time and on the budget.

Why Develop a Smartphone App?
There are some convincing reasons why mobile app development can be a huge benefit to your company:
  • Convenience - Ensure extensive/additional access to the business for the current and prospective customers.
  • Brand promotion - All the audience of Apple Store, Google Play, or Windows Mobile Market will see your brand. Users will download the program, then level and recommend it to others.
  • Customer service - With an opportunity to estimate the software, the companies are able to receive feedback about the products or services and at the same time not to lag behind tendencies and consumer feelings.
  • Mobile Website - If not the app, why don’t you create the native mobile website or a smartphone-compatible version of it. Development of the mobile Internet, using responsive or adaptive design, can expand company’s capability to attract the constantly growing audience of mobile app users.
  • Additional income - Apps which are games or other products, provide a unique tool or service, subscription for bonus content, etc., becoming a method to generate income. Besides, software products can allow advertisement hosting which will allow app builders to create the program to download for free or give the ability to make both a free version, supported by ads and a paid version without advertising.

How mobile apps bring benefits to various industries

During the competitive modern business era, all types of industries have to fight sharp to be ahead of their leading competitors. The advanced technologies help the companies to perform complicated transactions more efficiently. Presently mobile programs have become the last business tendency which was accepted by almost all industries to reach their world audience, and also to stay in touch with them promptly with many other benefits. To receive advantages from mobile software such as build a loyalty and relationship with customers, enhance visibility, brand awareness, as well as increase sales, and much more, most of the industries have started creating mobile programs to strengthen the core activities and increase growth.
Modern industries earning benefits, using mobile apps

From social communication apps, such as Facebook to the job search resources, including LinkedIn, using mobile apps to connect their global audience with the aim to promote the products and offer prompt services to the customers get a gamut of benefits such industries as:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Travel and tourism
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Banking and finance and many other.

Almost all industries can gain precious benefits of custom app development based. Hire the UK application development company to develop customised, user-friendly mobile software that helps your business to enhance productivity and profitability.

How to Create the App by the Most Professional Method

To create the software product by the most professional method, you should better hire the professional developers. And you will hardly find companies in the UK better than ours.

In our company, we consider ourselves as leaders when it comes to development, implementation and promotion of the hi-tech solutions for businesses. We think that each enterprise should have its own custom software and use all the benefits it can propose.

Here are the reasons why your business needs the app:

  • Expanded visibility to clients
  • Digitising environment of your loyalty program
  • Direct marketing channel of offers
  • Improvement of consumer liability
  • Help to construct and recognise the brand
  • Outstrip the competition
IT Professionals from the UK

We, in our UK development company, are going to help you to reach all of them just in one click. We devote our time and skills assisting you during the process of production and help you to receive what you deserve. We have many years of experience in the digital market, so we have our own guidelines how to complete a task.

We are glad to help any business, brand and corporation.The size and project scope make no difference for the team - we are ready to create a product that will exceed the expectations.

iPhone Application for your business

Competitive rates

Are you shopping quotes for the next development project or looking to hire a sophisticated app developer, designer or consultant? Make sure you get our quote! Our UK company has the most competitive rates on the IT market for experienced software building professionals.

Proven delivery methods

The Agile development means we show results in the shortest terms, making sure you are involved in every step of the way. If we work on Waterfall, you get the end product in full compliance with the specification and in the tight timeframes. Our methods can handle any complexity or scale of a project, working within the budget and deadlines ensuring delivery is both cost-effective and rapid.

Communicative, collaborative and transparent

We guarantee the complete visibility from day one of the project, and we work with you to shape the engagement model, custom solution and delivery method. The communication lines are always open throughout the engagement via phone, email, or Skype.

Client satisfaction

We take client's satisfaction seriously, providing a dedicated project manager to make sure all aspects cooperation run smoothly. We ask to tell us how we did at the end of the project, and the results go directly to the CEO.

Develop software with professional staff

Now, when you have the answer how to get the application, everything you should do is to contact us as soon as possible. We are ready to offer the extra quality services and provide the best product in the market. Entrust us, choose our UK company to conduct you through this complicated process and drive to success.