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Types of Apps - Develop Application for Business

Mobile programs are generally independent systems used to increase the existing functionality and simplify the working methods in use. Take one of the today's modern smartphones. All of them go with the strong web browsers, meaning that it is possible to make substantially something that you can build for the desktop computer. Usually, when clients of our agency speak about applications, they almost always mean programs which work on mobile devices, such as Smartphones or Tablets. There are thousands of programs available in many different categories. Some of them are used for communication and entertaining, but some cooperate with tools in other media. As an example, the website can have a set of mobile device tools, allowing communication between the phone and the website, making it possible to synchronise data, using the Internet.
  • A little explanation of a mobile app
  • Native application
  • Other opportunities
  • Hybrid application
  • Web application
Mobile apps move away from the integrated systems of the software usually found on PC. Instead, each program provides limited and isolated functionality, such as a game, calculator or access to mobile Internet. In spite of the fact that apps sometimes avoid multitasking because of limited hardware resources of early mobile devices, their specifics is now a part of their desirability because they allow customers to select what their device is able to do. The simplest mobile takes PC-based programs and ports them to a mobile gadget. As mobile products become more robust, this method is somewhat lacking. Our app development agency is engaged in more sophisticated approach, including creation of the mobile environment, also exploiting its restrictions and advantages. As an example, applications that use location-based features are inherently created from scratch on the mobile platform, considering that you don't have the same concept location on a PC.

There are different types of Applications:

  • Native
  • Hybrid
  • Web
Native apps are developed to be used on the particular platform or device. A native mobile app is a smartphone program that is coded in a programming language, such as Java for Android or Objective-C for iOS. Native programs developed by our agency ensure the fast functioning and a high level of reliability. They also have access to different phone features, such as camera and address book. Besides, users can utiles some programs without the Internet connection. The native program can only be "native" to one type of a mobile operating system: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, WebOS, etc. The majority of video games are native applications.
Our software agency has vast experience in development of complex native apps. However, our services include not only one platform native products but also other various options:
  • Hybrid Application: This type has cross-platform compatibility, but can still get access to phone hardware. It is developed using platforms such as Sencha, Mosync and PhoneGap.
  • Dedicated Web app: The website which is cut out to function on a mobile device. They are cut out on a certain platform and will not work on other smartphones or phones with expanded functionality.
  • Generic Mobile program: The mobile website which works with all smartphones.
At early stages of the smartphone Market, the majority of apps was cut out to iPhone. However, the market share of Android-based phones is so huge, that the need in cross-platform functionality is extremely vital.
Hybrid apps are similar to natives, they work on the device and are built with web technologies ( JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS). Hybrid apps operate inside a native container and leverage the device’s browser mechanism (but not the browser) to provide the HTML and process the JavaScript locally. A web-to-native abstraction layer makes possible the access to gadget capabilities that are not available in mobile web programs, such as the camera, accelerometer and local storage. Hybrid, by determination, is something received from heterogeneous sources, or consisting of elements of different or not corresponding types. The hybrid programs are written down with the same technology as of websites and implementations of the mobile Internet and works in the own container at the device. The hybrid software is also popular because it allows cross-platform development: i.e. the same components of HTML code can be used in various operating systems, having reduced development costs considerably. Tools, such as Sencha Touch and PhoneGap allow developers to code and design across platforms, using the power of HTML. Our development agency offer services of hybrid app creation from scratch or on the base of the existing web page. This makes an opportunity to get a presence in the digital store and gain a new audience for growing business.
The web application is saved on a remote server and transmitted via the browser. Web programs are not real apps; they are websites that, in many respects, look and feel like native apps. They are processed by the browser and are usually written in HTML5. Users first access them as they any web page: they navigate to a URL and then have the option of “installing” them on their home screen, creating a tab of that page. On the contrary, web apps are the software which uses technologies, such as JavaScript or HTML5 to provide interaction, navigation or possibilities of setup. These programs work in a web browser of the device. It means that they are delivered entirely on the fly, as required, via the Internet; they are not separate programs which are saved on the mobile device of a user. Web app development became popular when HTML5 came around, and people understood that they could receive native-like-functionality in the browser. Today, when more websites use HTML5, the distinction between web apps and the regular web pages have become fuzzy. Our development agency can create programs to work via almost any smart browser of the mobile Internet — such as that available to iPhone and Android-based phones.

iOS vs Android: Which platform to build first?

The question "what platform to create the program first" was popular within last five years. While ideological or concentrated on heading platform wars can be finished at the moment, the need to answer this specific question remains for the clients of our development agency. As an example, the large media company has a various audience and more considerable resources in comparison with a young startup. And these two factors - audience and budget - can define the choice of the platform. At the same time, the app could have functions which can be supported only by a certain platform; then the choice would be obvious.
When to select iOS development at first

The general recommendation of our agency is to start from the iOS platform. The reasons are stimulated, as a rule, by demography, stand, and speed of the market. Besides, during the first stages of any development, there should be an essential volume of knowledge about what works, and that doesn't work. Attempt to apply all this study through development for both platforms — especially more challenging in Android — means time spending and prohibitive cost.

Therefore in particular — and it depends on the lifted capital volume — the majority of young startups begins with iOS today, then move to Android.

When to select Android development at first

Start from Android makes sense if your target audience is directly concentrated on Android, especially in developing countries or certain segments of the city environment. It also makes sense when you enjoy or set up an element of the Android operating system, that is not available on iOS; when you, perhaps, select hardware that the program should proceed or when you want complete control over all equipment rooms and programming elements.

When you address to our development agency, we undertake the deep research of your business, audience and market to help you with the choice of the platform for software development.

When to start from both platforms

Start on both platforms will be a more probable reason for the companies which have more resources and are widely known. At the same time, the managers of our agency regularly have talks with the large enterprises or world brands on the specific platform, that makes sense to be started at first.

The reason usually turns over the studying of the element mentioned above. Even when pockets are deep, and the software is not very difficult, it should undergo a number of tests and upgrades before it becomes the right experience for the audience.

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We are the application development agency that has perfectly trained developers, engineers, programmers, coders and consultants, with decades of experience in various scientific fields. We will estimate your projects and aspirations, and deliver the plan of the complete development cycle.

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Our agency is proud of the in-house team of the most talented programmers in the world market. Some of them are well-known around the world. We employ only the best, carefully estimating their opportunities. Our strict recruitment and training system guarantee that the staff members are the experienced programmer, designers, testers and managers who will deliver precisely what you need respecting the deadlines and the general ideas of the development.

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The promise of the custom software development at an economical price seems doubtful at first, but we in our IT agency ask you to study our methods and to see where we reduce expenses, tracking the original idea. In our agency we, first of all, create the software which is:

  • Reliable and efficient– promising functionality at a low price
  • Safe and swift– there is no benefit of development which is not fast or lacks privacy or security
  • Good to look at – aesthetics are an important part of the venture once we get everything in order

The development agency like ours insists on improving and modernising intermedia between the client and the customers, and help create and cherish a lasting bond of reliability and trust that lasts for decades.

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