App Developers in London: First-class Planning, Coding and Design

We are London digital agency with specialization on software development and integrated solutions. Our team is 100+ in-house talented and experienced professionals in app design, programming, IT architecture, UI & UX. We specialise in the creation of custom IT solutions for businesses existing in diverse industries worldwide. Our specialists produce mind blowing integrated programs, and fabulous mobile and web apps which improve your performance and stimulate growth. The websites and databases we design will increase your business value and excite the envy of competitors.

A Good Developer is Your Winning Ticket

Many entrepreneurs in London tend to believe that heavy budget and numerous team of developers will guarantee the prosperity of the on-line concept. However, to ensure that everything will snap into action as it should, it is essential to make sure that you have chosen the right developer. Just think of the output you get - the product with all features determined in the contract. You release the absolutely new app, and everybody should understand that they extremly need it right now. The rational developer knows how to make the end product to pay off in the shortest terms.
  • How to Choose the App Developer in London
  • Examine portfolios
  • References
  • Check reviews of their programming in shops
You have a great idea that needs shaping into a complex enterprise system, mobile app or a game. It may help your business to improve the workflow or engage new customers and multiply income. You define the budget, select the platform, and want to choose the software developer. The market of mobile app development is cosmic, and it includes all types of studios from very talented agencies with three people to the big entities. A single Android developer and a corporation, produced hundreds of iOS programs, will have absolutely different levels of the main competencies and skills. When it is time to get off the fence, it is vital to find the fundamental confirmations that the development agency hundred percent suits you.
It is the standard procedure, and most developers in London will make the show of their software portfolio on their websites. It must be kept in mind that while the app building - the ability itself, development for specific sectors (for example, health care or games) can be very precise. Check whether the developer specialises in your industry
If swim a little far out, you can always contact the companies for which the studio has already developed products and investigate what their experience was. If developers are trusted by clients in a particular industry, then it is a welcome sign.
can be not obvious at first, but you can always read user feedbacks for the released apps on the stores to see what people think of their work. Just you remember one negativity bias: people have more incentive to write the overview when they don't like something than when they like it. Hundred bad comments are not so bad if the app has tens of thousands of active users.

Questions for the application builder

You should clearly take stock of the things from the very beginning: for which devices the selected studio in London can develop the software? Whether they specialise in iOS, Android or cross-platform. How will applications be transformed from one platform to another? If the application is connected to the web site; will the site be optimized for mobile phones? It must be kept in mind how numerous your audience is, both from the point of view of demography and of devices they prefer.
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Do you cover each stage of the development cycle?

Some London studios only offer the design of the user interface or the user experience. Others do development and coding, but post-launch support is considered additional cost. If your program requires a backend (servers and the software), not all developers include it in the services. It considerably depends on a type of the program you develop, but make sure the company cover all steps of the development cycle or specify which services integrate well with those they offer.

How my app can make money?

It should be a part of the business plan, and also a subject of conversation with the developers chosen. Will your product monetise through advertising? If so, it should be optimised for this purpose. If the app is a show-room, or just leading link to your website where money is made, how it will make the users return after their first visit or the first transaction? It is a conversation type that you should stick to identical views with the app developer and make sure that you are absolutely on the same page. It will also be one of the first questions, the serious London software developer will ask you.

How you communicate during development?

The key role of development keeps the client in a loop how the process goes. The best London studios do it really transparent with fixed (sometimes even daily) updates. Ascertain that the developer has the thoroughly elaborated model of interaction.

What testing do you perform?

The matter of testing is the uppermost issue to be discussed: these are essential elements, the indispensable reducing process which turns a good idea into the optimised program solutions. Ask the developer what methods of testing they apply and how it will help to improve the product.

Is the posting on stores included?

It is not so arduous to release an app if you intuit what you are doing. Only signed developers can provide the application to the store of Apple iTunes, and there are strict guidelines about what can be published. Android is more liberal in the recommendations, but it also requires to have a login. Some IT companies in London accompany the launch; others don't - make sure that you the launch procedures are included in the price you pay.

What technologies do you use?

The big thing about the world of applications programming to always keep an eye on the the latest trends and implement something new in the production cycle, whether it is a development tool or an innovative idea. If you want that your program was a perfect instrument for those who use it, ask the developer what ideas or technology they use. For example, our developers in London always monitor the latest offers of the digital market and treat the development process as a combination of solid experience and vivid experimenting. Thanks to such approach we create truly unforgettable apps.

Do you provide post-release support?

Development and design process is one thing, but support and release of the product as soon as it has been gone live, are another pair of shoes. When users have estimated the app, perhaps, someone will have to undertake a range of procedures, from updates to calculation how to receive more loyal customers, and improve it eventually. Some apps do not require it, but the majority does, and not all London studios offer such support. If choose our London agency, you will have the overall support and maintenance during the whole lifecycle of the app.

Why Choose our Developers in London
Based in the heart of London, our teams of app developers, which are in business within nearly a decade, specialises in the production of insuperable mobile application for iOS and Android. These years our developers have earned a solid reputation and become a skilled hand at the creation of safe, high-quality, profitable software on both platforms. We bring our experience to all stages of the project from early brainstorming to full support of post-launch, thus, since the beginning, we help with the planning of the program which will lead to the greatest financial profit for you and the highest privilege for the users.

Technical skills

Our developers work with all main programming languages and platforms, including PHP, Java, HTML, Ruby on Rails, Python, and many others. Our London company of web-design experienced in the large-scale commercial development with an open source code and design tools. We can integrate the app with various web services and applied program interfaces. You can rely on our experts if you want the top-quality solution, based on recent innovations:
Advanced Technologies

Our London team of web developers works with backbone.js JavaScript and node.js library;

We are experienced in Grails, Scala/Play, Memcached, Nginx and other advanced technologies for multipurpose app programming;


Many products we develop require difficult hosting solutions - we can establish and manage that complicated infrastructure, using cloud platforms like the Amazon Web services or the allocated hosting services;


Our designers and developers from London also use Google Cloud Platform for some of our projects and can work efficiently for your company wherever you were;

All members of our agency use modern technologies to provide the advanced digital solutions.

How Can We Help You?

Servicing and support

Our London app design company establishes the long-term relations with each of our clients, considering each of them as the business partner. We completely understand that the software we create is extremely important for their success in business. We got used to working with clients from various time zones and industries. For these years we have never had any legal issues. Of course, we always offer you to sign the official agreement of the service level to prevent any misunderstandings. But as soon as you start cooperating with us, you will see that it is unnecessary. This way you will understand that we are a reliable partner who is credible and fights for the success of the projects no less than you do. We are always ready to provide all administrative documents and other official papers you may demand.

Develop the web or native products made to order from scratch

Upgrade, support and integrate the existing apps and the software established on the computer or databases

Optimise the existing on-line decisions, using modern technologies to increase their safety and efficiency

Integrate various programs and tools into the unique program environment and create digital solutions for the workflow processing or on paper or manually.

Contact us

Our pilot application development company can help you even if you know nothing about IT or just want to inhale new life in the existing web solution, for example, to unite it with modern web services or to optimise it for mobile use. We will find the relevant decision, estimate costs and provide all kinds of support to your project to prove our skills. We can create the bespoke software product or develop a native mobile application - there is nothing impossible for real professionals. If you have questions or want to discuss your idea of the project, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.