The Front-Rank App Design Agency: We Know What Makes a Perfect Design

The team of creative designers and programmers is happy to offer you the expert approach to development of mobile and web apps, websites and other software for business. We are the specialised software development agency with vast experience and special devotion to fresh and eye-catching design helping to involve users and promote the business of our clients.

How we Create the Outstanding Projects

App design requires certain skills, experience and knowledge to make it work. The one engaging in the development process should follow guidelines and required steps but at the same time add something creative that have not been done before. This is how we organise the working process in our agency. We have standards and instructions which we follow, but at the same time, all the staff members are inclined to be creative and innovative. Our agency program and build one of a kind software that can have positive value for your business. We are proud of our team which is fanatical about app design and accomplishment of everything that can be made to satisfy the requirements of the clients. Whether you have an established corporate business looking for a method to motivate the employees and to improve the brand awareness, or a small startup ready to float in high corporate waters – contacts us, and we will propose our hi-tech solutions with the best usability and responsiveness.
  • Design Usability
  • How to see a website from the point of view of the visitor?
  • Speed of loading
  • The design corresponds a subject
  • Visual support
The first visit of a new resource is similar to a trip in the city where you have never been before. Despite all beautiful sights and buildings around, nobody would like to be lost in the new environment. The first sight is what makes customers to retain on the site or leave it. This makes usability a prior concern of our app design agency.
Even if you are a beginner in web design, eventually you understand that usability arrives at first, and then the esthetics – not the other way about. More skilled app designers as of our software development agency will tell you that interface beauty is a very subjective question as people have different tastes. Usability is also subjective, though. Fortunately, in our design agency, we are experienced enough to predict the user behaviour and make the software logical for every possible visitor.
It is generally known that speed matters. We already live in the age of innovative technologies where it takes less that second to open Google and type in your search query. Thus, if users experience difficulties with your page, they will leave to another, more friendly and less intimidated website. You have only from 7 to 5 seconds to retain them and their attention.
As it was mentioned above, you have only a few seconds to present all necessary information and explain what services or products you provide. Nothing is as useful as the accurate and unforgettable logo thought over fonts, background and the corresponding style.
Printing products, such as newspapers and magazines have columns, sections and other visual elements to divide parts of the content and to make it more readable. While the network and the unpacked products differ, they share the same idea – to reach their clients in the simplest, most convenient method. It doesn't mean that we should provide information like a newspaper, but we should give hints to visitors where the information can be found. Paying attention to sections, headings and fonts, the professionals of our agency guarantee the time the customers spend on the page.


Speaking of web design development, we usually choose between PC desktops and smartphones, tablets and laptops working on a wireless connection or 4G – enabling the online presence 24/7. If the site is adapted for mobile devices, it will receive twice more visits. There are several ways to make the site suitable for mobile devices. We can develop a mobile version of the website, develop a responsive or adaptive design. Contact our specialists to select the right solution for your project.
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Our designers never stop telling that it is vital to give the visitors what they need for the shortest period – the quicker, the better: remember the rule of three clicks. With our agency, you can be sure that visitors find what they need in less than three clicks. We thoughtfully work on the menu and constantly analyse how the elements are organised, a set of filters, etc. to make navigation the handiest and convenient.

Making Responsive Logos

Technological evolution gives people the chance to obtain information from other sources using various devices. It does the process of web development much more difficult both for developers and designers. Products should be optimised for smartphones, tablets, TVs, desktops and at the same time to satisfy needs of users.

The logo – is a visual cornerstone of the brand of a company. However, in the course of optimisation of the app, the logos are neglected. Usually, they are only reduced to correspond the space. It can be successful for simple rectangular logos, but when it comes to unique fonts and small details it doesn't work: they become hardly distinguished.

In our agency, the competent designers will prepare several options for the same logo to use in various forms (horizontally, vertically, short, high, with or without marks, etc.).

Reducing details. There are no many detailed logos around recently. However, it is always necessary, to begin with, simplification of a logo and reduction of some details making a logo

Rearrangement. Move a mark from above logo to the end.

Step-by-step removal. Removal of small details step by step is the excellent decision for adaptation of logos. Logos go from huge emblems with the company name only to sign.

There are only a few opportunities to make a logo of the app recognisable and unforgettable examining back on restrictions of small screens which we have today. Address to our app development agency, and we will elaborate the best logo for your corporate style.

Design for Color Blind Users
About 8-10% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from the inability to see colour or distinction in colour that means that every 10th person using applications have a daltonism. Whether there is a method to make sure that the interface is equally suitable for needs of each possible user? There are a lot of controversial information on how the app design should be accurate for people with a lack of colour vision. In our agency, we have made a research based on the six years of experience to find out the key points of what to consider to reach the appropriate level of colour representation of the application interface.
Use Both colour and graphical symbols
Our designers do not rely only on colour to specify conditions of some process. For example, some forms of daltonism will not allow users to see the red mistake communicated when filling the registration form. One of the decisions would consist of using both: the colour indicator and graphical symbols with explanations. Fact: Mark Zuckerberg can hardly tell the distinction between green and red shades because of deuteranopia. For this reason, the colour scheme of Facebook is blue. As he told in one of the interviews: "Blue is the richest colour for me. I see all blue gradations".

Why make the design suitable for the people having daltonism?

At first, you think: "There are 7 billion people, why should I optimise the interface if the possibility that they visit my site is so low?" But if you take into account the people having daltonism when creating the app design, there is a high opportunity, that it will improve the complete interface and convenience of use. Development of the universal app design does not mean to make it less esthetically pleasant for eyes. Instead, our designers will make it easier to comprehend and more pleasant to use.
Go with less

We always recommend choosing the palette of the app made of several primary colours. Remember that the fewer colours mean the best interface, and not only for the colorblind people. People usually react better to less brindled pages which do not irritate their vision.

Samples and textures as the tool for contrast

Users can consider difficult to differentiate graphics and schemes if designers only rely on contrast gradations. The professionals of our development agency always try to emphasise elements with textures and samples – it will help users to understand information better.

Avoid mislead combinations

Our designers perfectly know the colour palette. As daltonism takes various forms, it is hard to say what is the "safe" choice for the app design. There are some combinations which are difficult for the colourblind people:

  • Green + Red;
  • Blue + Violet;
  • Green + Blue;
  • Gray + Blue;
  • Green + Grey;
  • Green + Black.

Unfortunately, there is no universal solution to this problem. But you can rely on our experts and the recommendations they give when planning your future app.

Mobile UI Design Trends

Tendencies in the app design for mobile devices continue to change. Users switch to quicker devices requiring the best applications. For this reason, developers aim to create absolutely intuitive and convenient user experience which nobody has ever seen before.

Nevertheless, if users got lost and confused with a look and navigation of the app, it means that the UI design didn't manage to execute its primary objective.

Hidden navigation

Hidden navigation is not a recent revelation. However, it has been in a shadow during a quite long time. And, at last, the fine time came to introduce this feature. Designers began to hide functionality to leave the space for the audience. One of the available methods to hide navigation is the creation of so-called navigation box. It is located in the main menu and becomes available only when necessary, remaining invisible all other time.

Scattered background

Even while mobile devices have small screens, it doesn't mean that developers stopped to create attractive subjects and backgrounds. Today the disseminated images are used for a background to keep the user focused on functions of the application.

Personalisation is the key

Bright colours and playful interfaces create the wide user experience. New attractive designs involve more people to use and adjust applications to satisfy their requirements. Such apps attract users with amusing messages and notifications. Applications become our best friends, creating functions without which we can't live.

Card design strikes back

The card draft is a useful and efficient tool for mobile and friendly web apps. Cards help to divide and to place correctly content on the site. They allow to load multimedia objects and to attract more traffic to the website. Besides, they show to users that they can choose options, making the design more quickly reacting to their requirements.

Calm pallets

Today "the less is more". Check popular apps which all of us use: Pinterest, Facebook, etc. All of them adhere to one colour scheme with several shades. It resembles that flash, and courageous colours are not so attractive as pastel and quiet. However, it doesn't mean that you should rush and change colours of the brand. Use the same colour, but in thin and graceful manner – try not to go overboard.

Material design again

The material design was provided by Google in 2014. Presently there are a lot of applications and sites using this technology because it provides the simplified and quickly loaded effects (gradients, animation and hierarchical representation). The material design is connected with the card draft. Thus, this two are absolutely going to appear in the latest products of the digital market.

Need to Design a Perfect App?

If you experience difficulties with the answer to the question “how to design a perfect app,” we can recommend addressing to our app development agency to put an end to the cares. The app design is a difficult process, but here, in our world famous agency, we have an opportunity to show our skills, knowledge and professionalism. We are very good in our work, and we can offer a lot of examples of the previous work. Thus, you can understand that we are undoubtedly the best choice for you. Contact us. We are ready to help. Actions say louder than words. Let's create the outstanding application together – the app which is going to help your business to prosper!